Credits & Accounting Methods

Are You Taking Advantage of all Allowable Credits?

No matter the phase your company may be in, whether it’s expanding, relocating, modernizing, consolidating or something else, Cherry Bekaert’s Credits and Accounting Methods (“C/AM”) group can help you avoid unnecessary tax payments. We can assist you in identifying value-added opportunities that have a direct positive impact on your company’s bottom line and create cash savings.

With a depth of knowledge and practical experience obtaining tax and incentives, Cherry Bekaert’s tax professionals can help you effectively evaluate relevant and applicable programs, conduct a comprehensive federal credit review, structure and negotiate incentive packages, and ensure implementation and proper compliance are completed. Our process includes a review of federal credit opportunities based on your business objectives and tax situation. The most critical element to the effective delivery of credit and incentive services is the upfront planning. Our three-phase approach is structured to assist you in uncovering the most applicable credits and maximizing the benefits within your goals and objective.

Credits and Accounting Methods Phases

C/AM is comprised of a diverse group of tax professionals with numerous years of tax experience, who can help your company with expert tax planning. We offer unparalleled knowledge and service in the area of tax credits and deductions and can help your company realize savings opportunities. Many factors set us apart from the competition, but the value of the services we provide to our clients relies not only on the services we have to offer our clients, but rather how we deliver those services.

Our Credits & Accounting Methods services include:

  • R&D Tax Credit — A federal income tax incentive providing a dollar-for-dollar reduction against a taxpayer’s otherwise computed federal tax liability. It can provide an immediate source of cash as well as a significant reduction to current and future years’ tax liabilities.
  • Accounting Methods — Establish advantageous methods of accounting for optimizing deduction and fixed asset benefits.
  • Cost Segregation Study Plus — A cost segregation is a strategic cash tax planning tool that allows property owners to increase their cash flow through the acceleration of depreciation deductions and deferral of tax payments.
  • Fixed Asset Review Analysis (“FARA”) — Implementing a Fixed Asset Review Analysis may provide immediate tax benefits to business.