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Cherry Bekaert Expands Sustainability Capabilities with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

calendar iconMay 13, 2024

Cherry Bekaert (the Firm) is pleased to announce that it is working with Salesforce to offer clients a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) service powered by Net Zero Cloud. As a comprehensive ESG management platform, Net Zero Cloud combines data and generative AI with the trusted and flexible Salesforce platform that can help organizations measure, report and manage their carbon footprint.

Climate disclosures and regulations for carbon accounting and reporting are evolving quickly across the globe. Organizations can use Net Zero Cloud to provide accurate data during the reporting process as they strive to minimize their environmental impact. Cherry Bekaert will combine the power of Net Zero Cloud with integrated sustainability advisory services for businesses looking for everything from final mile reporting to fully outsourcing their ESG initiatives and carbon accounting, ensuring they meet climate reporting requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and globally.

“ESG data management and reporting can be a complex and resource-intensive task. To simplify this process, Net Zero Cloud offers a streamlined solution that helps organizations track their progress toward reducing their environmental footprint,” said Luis Gallardo, Partner, Cherry Bekaert, Digital Advisory. “Cherry Bekaert looks forward to helping organizations shape their sustainability program using our capabilities and the power of Net Zero Cloud.”

“Cherry Bekaert’s expertise, coupled with the ESG capabilities of Net Zero Cloud, can deliver a robust solution to empower organizations with actionable insights to take meaningful steps to reduce their emissions,” added Ari Alexander, VP and GM of Net Zero Cloud.

Benefits of Net Zero Cloud include:

  • Connects and manages all ESG data: Manage all ESG data in one platform, and connect it with other apps, systems and suppliers for maximum efficiency and returns.
  • Program-specific forecasting: Set program-specific goals, forecast outcomes according to various scenarios and strategies, and track your progress against them.
  • Automates ESG reporting: Keep up with changing reporting mandates with framework-specific report builders, completed with the help of Einstein AI.

Cherry Bekaert will be able to provide licensing and implement Net Zero Cloud, and customize the platform for optimal ESG data management. Clients can outsource their carbon accounting and reporting needs to Cherry Bekaert. These capabilities are part our overall suite of Sustainability and ESG Services.

Learn more about Cherry Bekaert’s Net Zero Cloud services and other Salesforce solutions.