Embracing Innovation and Growth: Our Perspective on Dreamforce 2023

calendar iconAugust 8, 2023

Dreamforce, the annual technology conference hosted by Salesforce, has become a highly anticipated event for industry professionals, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts alike. With each passing year, Dreamforce continues to raise the bar, highlighting groundbreaking innovations, inspiring keynote speeches and networking opportunities that leave attendees energized and motivated. As thought leaders and trusted advisors, Cherry Bekaert is excited to be a sponsor of Dreamforce 2023 and explore the latest trends and innovations. With our commitment to providing exceptional services and solutions, we are eager to share our perspective on what to expect at this year’s event and where our services align with the agenda items.

What We Expect at Dreamforce 2023

Continued AI Advancements

Dreamforce 2023 will build upon the AI-driven innovations that have advanced since last year’s event. Attendees can expect to explore even more sophisticated AI tools and solutions that harness the power of machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. From intelligent chatbots to personalized marketing automation, AI will continue to be at the forefront of Salesforce’s offerings.

Deepened Focus on Sustainability

With the escalating global focus on sustainability, Dreamforce 2023 will amplify its commitment to environmentally conscious practices. We will be speaking about C-Suites that are solving the carbon neutral puzzle with Net Zero Cloud. Our speakers include Jason Hodell,  Partner, Industrial Industry Practice Leader for Cherry Bekaert, and Tertius Eksteen, Senior Manager for Cherry Bekaert. We look forward to sharing our perspective on this important topic.

Scale With End-to-End Automation

Accelerating delivery with end-to-end automation, and eliminating manual tasks and processes at scale with simple robotic process automation (RPA) will be a big push at Dreamforce 2023. RPA enables teams to automate business processes and tasks with bots. According to a recent Salesforce article1, automation technology is seeing rapid adoption across enterprises, with 33% of organizations investing in the technology. Cherry Bekaert offers a three-week RPA quick start program that takes the client’s most challenging processes from people, process and data perspectives, and develops a target baseline and insight into potential areas of automation. The offering takes the future state flow and develops a MuleSoft RPA automation proof-of-concept in a demo environment.

Integration of Emerging Technologies

Dreamforce 2023 is poised to demonstrate the integration of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), extended reality (XR) and advanced cloud solutions. Attendees can anticipate learning how these technologies can revolutionize business operations, enhance customer experiences and drive digital transformation across various industries. Cherry Bekaert understands the significance of embracing innovative technologies and cloud solutions to better support your customer experience. Our team will be on hand to share insights into how businesses can leverage Salesforce’s cloud-based platform to drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth.

Keeping the Customer at the Center

Dreamforce 2023 will continue to stress the importance of customer-centricity. With the rise of digital transformation, companies are realizing the significance of delivering seamless and personalized experiences to their customers. Attendees can explore innovative strategies to enhance customer engagement and build long-lasting relationships through Salesforce’s suite of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. At Cherry Bekaert, we understand the significance of effective CRM implementation and provide comprehensive support to businesses seeking to leverage Salesforce. With our deep expertise and commitment to client success, we help organizations maximize the benefits of Salesforce, streamline operations and foster long-term customer relationships.

We’re Here To Guide You Forward

According to Salesforce1 data, the cost of failing to complete digital transformation initiatives is $9.5 million on average, which is up from last year’s estimate of $6.8 million. Integration tools and automation will help organizations achieve gains that will accelerate businesses forward. Cherry Bekaert takes a comprehensive approach to Salesforce implementation, recognizing that each company has unique requirements and goals. By conducting thorough assessments, we identify areas where Salesforce can drive efficiency and provide tailored recommendations for customization and integration. With our guidance, you can enhance your business processes, boost productivity and achieve your strategic objectives with Salesforce at the forefront of your operations.

Efficient data management is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences. We assist companies in migrating their existing data into Salesforce, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption. By harnessing the power of Salesforce’s reporting capabilities, you gain real-time visibility into sales metrics, customer behavior and other crucial data points, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

See You in San Francisco!

Dreamforce 2023 promises to be a remarkable event, and Cherry Bekaert is excited to be part of this global gathering of innovative minds. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals, exchanging ideas and forging partnerships that foster growth and innovation. We invite you to join us at our booth #530 as we collectively explore the endless possibilities of innovation, growth and success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

From strategy and planning to implementation, data migration, custom development and ongoing support, Cherry Bekaert’s professionals are ready to be your trusted partner in optimizing your Salesforce implementation. Reach out to set time to visit with us in San Francisco!

1Source: Salesforce Research Reveals Organizations Today Use Over 1,000 Applications – But 70% Remain Disconnected from One Another and the Core Business

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