VA is Leading The Way to Restoring Trust in Government

calendar iconDecember 12, 2023

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Cherry Bekaert’s Managing Partner of Advisory Services, Srikant Sastry, joined former Obama Administration executive Ed DeSeve in an op-ed heralding progress at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) improving the veteran experience. As he has written before, trust in government needs to be restored, and firms like Cherry Bekaert can help lead the way by helping government agencies provide more efficient, effective and timely services.

In the op-ed, Srikant calls out the work of deputy chief veterans experience officer Barbara Morton.

“As Morton demonstrates, VA has been on a sustained journey to transform the veteran experience by integrating human-centered design, leveraging data, and focusing on robust measures of customer experience. Human-centered design is the cornerstone of the department’s strategy: designing services and solutions with the veteran as the focal point.”

Srikant concludes, The Biden administration is making significant strides transforming Americans’ experience with multiple government agencies when they are impacted by significant life events: retirement, financial shock, recovering from a disaster, having a child, and transitioning to civilian life . . . [w]ith trust in government at an all-time low, we should all hope the administration’s efforts succeed.”

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