Digital Advisory: Quickstart Session Offering for Investors

calendar iconJune 20, 2022
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Rapid Value Creation for Investors as a Result of a Custom Quickstart Session

Evolving market conditions, driven by the volatility, uncertainty and constantly changing consumer needs, have pushed many corporations to digitally transform how they operate, leveraging alternate business, operating and talent models, enabled by technology and data.

This has provided Private Equity, Venture Capital and Strategic Buyers with significant opportunities to invest in, acquire and combine businesses that support corporations to become more efficient and effective. As investors look to quickly maximize returns, Cherry Bekaert’s Quickstart Session helps with rapid value creation and provides clarity, confidence and speed to result in a variety of situations.

Quickstart Session

A Quickstart Session is an efficient, effective, action-oriented approach that enables rapid value creation by identifying the issues impacting a company’s performance, reviewing the available options and planning the solution in a compressed timeframe. During a Quickstart Session, Cherry Bekaert’s team of strategists, technologists and analysts leverage data and market information to work with investors and/or management of the acquired company to develop:

  • Pathways to success highlighting which levers to pull and when to pull them
  • A holistic approach covering all aspects of the business, including the go-to-market approach, products and/or services offerings and streamlined business operations
  • Areas of focus to identify the most effective way to improve revenues, profitability and margins
  • Actionable quick wins while building positive momentum to help progress towards goals
  • Preparation for implementation with recommendations on required capabilities
  • Roadmap to drive organizational change

When to Leverage the Quickstart Session:

Valuation and Diligence Process

Review go-to-market approach, products and/or services offered, financials and business processes at target. Determine opportunities to improve revenues, profitability and margins to achieve investor target returns within desired timeframe.

Synergies in Rollups and Mergers

Examine expected revenue and cost synergies embedded in deal valuation. Assess business of target and acquirer, and create action plan to achieve desired business synergies.

Underperforming Companies/Departments in Portfolio

Examine the underperforming company or department by performing an “outside-in” and “inside-out analysis.” Create a roadmap to turnaround the business for growth or an exit.

Optimize Business Operations During an Acquisition

Leverage add-on acquisitions as a trigger to optimize business operations and rationalize solutions enabling parent to effectively integrate the target into the optimized organization. Help develop the integration roadmap earlier in the deal process.

How it Works

During the Deal

We will conduct a brief two-week assessment of the target and define an actionable path to achieve accelerated growth by taking a comprehensive approach to organizational areas. Cherry Bekaert’s experienced team will leverage provided financial and operational data market information and analytics to hypothesize pathways to the firm’s success and the necessary levers to pull. This phase may or may not involve discussions with the leadership or the target firm.


As part of the deal, have the investor recommend to the target to work with Cherry Bekaert to generate quick wins and build momentum for success. On average, the lifecycle of this phase is three to five weeks. During this phase, Cherry Bekaert will:

  • Be a Partner – Work with the leadership team to develop recommendations jointly and to transfer knowledge and skills
  • Create Quick Wins – Tactically execute on quick wins to create early successes
  • Play to Firm’s Strengths – Leverage existing ideas and company successes to gain more momentum
  • Co-Create Roadmap – Work with the execution team to make practical recommendations and develop a roadmap for execution to create long-term change in the organization


You will have tangible actions supported by a roadmap for execution to help the business implement the changes needed to achieve breakthrough results. Our team will provide a report detailing:

  • Initial hypothesis for the pathways for the target’s success
  • Quick wins executed and their quantifiable outcomes
  • High-level action plan with business outcomes, impact, value and estimated timeline

We Can Guide You Forward

Success today requires fresh approaches, skills and results. Our Quickstart Session helps you discover original, action-oriented solutions and uncover the hidden opportunities with an approach designed to take your investment to the next level.

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