Digital Transformation Services: Go-to-Market Optimization & Growth

September 22, 2021
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In a rapidly evolving complex and uncertain marketplace, businesses look for innovative ways to continue to meet changing customer needs and manage profitable revenue growth.

The current market conditions provide mid-tier organizations a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to take strategic risks, grow revenues and gain market share.

Through digital enablement, these organizations can nimbly meet evolving customer needs, expand their go-to-market footprint, and compete more effectively with some of their larger, less agile contenders.

Traditionally, business leaders focused on making their sales force more effective. Today, there are additional options for growth, which include buying, forming strategic alliances or leveraging ecosystems.

Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory helps organizations digitally transform their business to position them for long-term profitable growth, and optimize their business operations and talent models, leveraging technology and data, as core to their competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation Journey

A critical step in the digital transformation journey is establishing a Go-to-Market Optimization and Growth Plan, guiding leadership to achieve their revenue goals.

Digital Transformation Services Go To Market Optimization And Growth

Go-to-Market Optimization & Growth

Areas of Focus

Our Digital Transformation team thoroughly evaluates your people, process, technology and culture in the following areas:

  • Growth Strategy: What is the organization’s strategy and vision?
  • Go-To-Market: How does the organization engage with customers and markets to gain a competitive advantage?
  • Growth Functions: Who are the existing teams involved in delivery and support (i.e., Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Client Success, Customer Support, etc.) and what role do they play?
  • Enabling Areas: What areas in the organization enable the go-to-market teams, (i.e., Knowledge Management, etc.)?
  • Technology & Provider Ecosystem: What technologies and systems does the organization use (i.e., CRM systems, infrastructure, tools, solutions, etc.)?
  • Metrics: How does the organization measure success, and utilize incentives and rewards to achieve it?


The Go-to-Market Optimization and Growth offering provides leadership with:

  • Alternate models for accelerated growth, including buying, strategic alliances, and industry ecosystems.
  • Top-down/bottom-up analysis of corporation’s revenue goals, targeting efforts, and gaps.
  • Alignment and optimization of customer-facing areas
  • Customer segmentation, and optimal approaches to reach each segment.
  • Existing metrics and revised KPI’s for success for calls/ sales ratios, revenue targets, service metrics, etc.
  • Roadmap of actions for enabling functions to support growth.
  • Approaches for gaining and providing insights from/to customers and eminence building.
  • Suggested tools, technologies, and service providers/ platforms, to support growth.


Integrating and applying the Go-to-Market Optimization and Growth offering, organizations can benefit from the following:

  • Revenue Growth and margin increase
  • Improved customer segmentation
  • Enhanced metrics for success
  • Roadmap for inorganic growth
  • Optimized enabling functions
  • Shared insights into tools
  • Suggested tools, technologies

How Can Cherry Bekaert Help

Digitally-enabled organizations can better predict, innovate, perform, and compete. Let our digital team help guide you through the transformation, optimization and management of your digital transformation journey.