Digital Transformation Services: Technology Strategy and Architecture

calendar iconSeptember 23, 2021
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In a rapidly evolving, complex and uncertain marketplace, businesses look for innovative ways to continue to meet changing customer needs and manage profitable

The current market conditions provide mid-tier organizations a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to take strategic risks, grow revenues and gain market share. Through digital enablement, these organizations can nimbly meet evolving customer needs, expand their go-to-market footprint and compete more effectively with some of their larger, less agile contenders.

Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory provides strategic and tactical support to businesses, positioning them for long-term growth. In addition, we improve performance by transforming business models – leveraging technology and data as core to their competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation Journey

A critical step in the digital transformation journey is establishing a Technology Strategy and Architecture.

Digital Transformation Technology

Technology Strategy and Architecture

Areas of Focus

The Technology Strategy and Architecture offering focuses on the following key components of the business:

  • Current and Future State Inventory – What applications are currently supporting your business and how do they interact? What future systems can effectively and efficiently support business processes and improve client services?
  • Business Process Identification – Are there redundant business processes supported by multiple applications and is there an opportunity to automate?
  • Application and IT Costs – Does your organization have limited visibility and alignment of IT costs associated to applications and projects?
  • Application Portfolio Prioritization and Road Mapping – Does your organization use data to drive prioritization roadmaps?


By integrating and applying a technology strategy and architecture, organizations can benefit from the following:

  • Interactive visualization of the current state, providing a holistic view of the organizations business to application interdependencies
  • Interdependency mappings between applications and business processes
  • Data-driven decision making based on priorities of the business
  • Insights into redundant applications and supported processes
  • Insights into business application and IT costs
  • Clear organization and cost structures
  • Business and IT efficiency, aligning support, operations and values

The Digital Difference

Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory helps organizations ignite growth by quickly assessing, transforming and sustaining business strategies based upon priorities, strategic plans and budget. Utilizing an agile and flexible approach, we partner with you to reengineer your business operations and services offered, examining each area with a focus on people, process, technology and culture.