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calendar iconMarch 23, 2022
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Sales tax compliance can be time consuming and complicated, particularly as your business grows.

Every state has enacted economic nexus laws that require businesses to register and remit sales tax based on sales volume thresholds, thereby increasing compliance registrations. Economic nexus requires additional effort to stay on top of each state’s tax laws that impact your sales and purchases, including how to properly and timely report sales tax. Partnering with a team that fully understands your business’s sales tax compliance needs while having the technical knowledge to accomplish this can prove to be the best option. Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax team is here to be that partner.

Why Cherry Bekaert?

Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax team possesses deep compliance and industry knowledge. We are able to become an indispensable part of your compliance team. Filing tax returns is straight forward when working with our sales tax compliance team, allowing your staff additional time to focus on other business demands.

When it comes to sales tax compliance, Cherry Bekaert’s relationship with our clients involves more than just processing and filing tax returns. Beyond our sales tax proficiency, our team is here to offer personalized service. Our compliance team takes the extra step to partner with our clients to help identify potential opportunities or risks that impact your bottom line, and through collaboration with your team, develop and implement strategies to realize those opportunities or correct the risk issues.

Our Compliance Solution

When your business first began, you most likely were handling sales tax compliance in-house. As your business has grown, so has your nexus footprint, and quickly filing tax returns becomes more demanding. Utilizing the qualified sales tax professionals at Cherry Bekaert is often the best solution for achieving independent and accurate sales tax compliance.

Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax professionals can manage all aspects of your sales tax compliance with an array of services and personalized attention. Our team is knowledgeable in sales tax registrations, filings and notices that demand valuable time and resources. While working with our team, you have direct access to experienced consultants who are dedicated to your company.

The Monthly Process

Our efficient, structured approach to sales tax compliance is designed to easily fit in with your accounting schedules. Our timeline clearly maps out responsibilities for timely and accurate filing of sales tax returns, so that there are no surprise demands or unrealistic deadlines.

“One of the reasons we went with Cherry Bekaert was the local access and the level of the sales tax team’s manufacturing industry experience. We wanted customer service and have been very pleased with the work that the team has done over the last five years.”
Director Corporate Tax and Technology at a Manufacturing Firm

Let’s Talk

We are ready to answer your questions and learn how we can help with your sales tax compliance. Contact your Cherry Bekaert advisor or email our compliance team directly at

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