Sales Tax Compliance Services

October 5, 2021
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Is Now the Right Time to Outsource your Compliance?

Sales tax compliance is time consuming, and becomes more complicated as your business grows. Filing returns through a tax engine provider sounds like an innovative, efficient solution, but may not always be practical. If you truly want to step away from your growing sales tax compliance responsibilities knowing that every step of the process will be managed by sales tax professionals who understand your business as well as the demands of the states, turn to Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax compliance team.

Our Compliance Solution

Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax professionals will manage all aspects of your sales tax compliance with affordable services and personalized attention. We handle those annoying but necessary sales tax registrations, filings, and notices that demand valuable time and resources. Think of us as your go-to team for tackling all your sales tax obligations. We work independently, but unlike automated services, you have direct access to experienced consultants who are dedicated to your company.

What Sets Cherry Bekaert Apart?

Cherry Bekaert offers sales tax proficiency and personal service. Filing tax returns is straight forward. Managing all the other demands is difficult and time-consuming. With their highly technical sales tax knowledge and deep industry specific expertise, our sales tax professionals will be an indispensable part of your compliance team.

Comparing Compliance Options

New businesses typically begin by handling sales tax compliance in house. Success results in a larger nexus footprint, and quickly filing tax returns becomes more demanding. Automating the process can help but only if trained staff have the tools and time to manage the system. Outsourcing compliance to qualified sales tax professionals is often the best solution for achieving independent and accurate sales tax compliance.

The Monthly Process

Our efficient, structured approach to sales tax compliance is designed to easily fit in with your accounting schedules. No surprise demands or unrealistic deadlines. Our timeline clearly maps out responsibilities for timely and accurate filing of sales tax returns.


Sales Tax Compliance Services V2

We are ready to answer your questions and learn how we can help with your sales tax compliance. Contact your Cherry Bekaert advisor or email our compliance team directly at