Case Study

Wolfspeed’s Data-Driven Journey to Insights and Real Returns: Developing Intuitive Corporate Marketing Dashboards with Tableau

calendar iconNovember 2, 2021


Wolfspeed, a market-leading innovator of LED lighting and semiconductor solutions, was looking for a reporting solution to replace static marketing and sales reports that were laborious to create and outdated upon arrival. They needed a fully automated reporting process and a dynamic set of visual dashboards.


Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory and Wolfspeed built on their strong relationship from a prior project, during which they established data-driven tools for the sales and field management teams. Utilizing Tableau, they developed an intuitive series of corporate marketing dashboards for on demand use by a wide-ranging group of employees, including executives and mid-level management. They harnessed data from multiple ad-hoc sources and leveraged visualizations to communicate the data in a way that Wolfspeed’s internal stakeholders could easily understand and act upon.


  • Experienced a 100% reduction in manual labor time and expense related to data capture and analysis, e.g., time to generate Year-end Reports: 2019 = 1 week; 2020 = minutes
  • Experienced a 96% increase in reporting efficiency, improving from once a month to once a day
  • Saved time and improved meeting efficiency: self-service capabilities eliminated the need for certain meetings; reduced meeting prep time from days to minutes; and freed time during meetings, allowing for deeper dives to address secondary/tertiary questions, realign strategies and attain goals
  • Established strategic targeting of leads and streamlined marketing spend: identified which marketing efforts lead to quality leads and eventual customers


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