Data-Driven Opportunities for Library Systems

calendar iconDecember 8, 2022

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Cherry Bekaert Government Services Podcast Cherry Bekaert Government Services Podcast

Library systems are constantly evolving. As digital technologies continue to expand, local governments and their libraries have increased access to quality data, providing opportunity for focused improvement with data-driven decisions.

Paul Folkers, a Senior Manager on Cherry Bekaert’s Government & Public Sector (GPS) team, and Velencia Posso, an Associate in our Digital Advisory practice, hosted Denise Lippuner, Managing Director of our Risk & Accounting Advisory practice, to discuss library systems, their place within local governments and opportunities to implement data strategy.

Part of our GPS podcast series and the first in our library systems mini-series, this episode covers:

  • Local governments’ data collection and utilization
  • Relationships between libraries and government organizations
  • Trends and impacts on library systems pre- and post-pandemic
  • Resources to collect and analyze data to improve operations
  • Data challenges libraries face
  • Opportunities for libraries to better utilize data

If you have any questions specific to your business needs, Cherry Bekaert’s Government & Public Sector team is available to discuss your situation with you.

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