OZ Podcast Series for Investors, Part 2: Eligibility of Gains and Timing of Investment

calendar iconMarch 23, 2020

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Opportunity Zone Series for Investors Part 2 of 4:
Eligibility of Gains and Timing of Investment

In part one of our Opportunity Zone (OZ) Series we provided an overview of the OZ incentives and discussed the final regulations of this program. In part two we dive deeper into the capital gains tax incentives and the importance of timing as it relates to the rules of the program.

Join Cherry Bekaert’s Catherine Bazley, partner, and Michael Elliot, director, for a conversation specifically for investors and when you should consider an OZ investment. They also provide examples to further outline the importance of timing for making these investments.

Stay tuned for the remaining two OZ podcasts:

  • Part 3 – Key inclusion events
  • Part 4 – Final post 10-yr dispositions and how it affects investors

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