Your Salesforce Journey: Advice for Companies Starting Their Digital Strategy

calendar iconApril 17, 2023

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Is your company struggling to connect with customers or is your digital strategy behind the curve?

In this episode of Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Journeys podcast, Hisham Nabi, Managing Director of Digital Advisory, talks about how to get started on your digital strategy. You might think digital strategy starts with technology, but Hisham stresses the importance of starting with your problem statement and then solving it by integrating technology.

Listen in as Hisham discusses: 

  • His background and passion for helping others on their digital journey.
  • Changes in technology, especially as it relates to the customer experience.
  • Automation’s influence on driving productivity and cost savings.
  • Effective business models for starting your digital strategy.

Contact us today to discover how Salesforce products can help you enhance the customer experience. Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory Practice will meet you where you are in your digital journey.

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