Treasury’s Green Book, Part 3: Waves of Change for International Tax

calendar iconAugust 2, 2021

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Brooks and Sarah discuss the potential impact of proposed changes to U.S. based multinational companies with Cherry Bekaert’s Brian Dill, Principal and International Tax Leader, and Michael Cornett, Director for International Tax Services. These proposed changes were introduced in the American Jobs Plan and further explained in Treasury’s Green Book. The conversation covers proposed changes to FDII, GILTI, anti-inversion, and other tax rules intended to discourage moving business operations off shore. We also discuss the recent G7 and G20 agreements to pursue a 15% minimum global tax rate.  Brian and Mike highlight common themes in tax policies across countries, and we wrap up with a few ideas and actions multinational companies should consider now.

The conversation includes:

  • 2:45: Overview
  • 7:50: American Jobs Plan proposals and Green Book explanations
  • 19:55: A 15% global minimum tax rate
  • 29:13: Potential Impact to a company’s global supply chain
  • 35:56: Final comments

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