Webinar Recording

Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics

calendar iconApril 27, 2023

Join Matt Illuzzi, Digital Advisory Services Director, and Steve Mitchell, Alteryx Global & Strategic Account Manager, to learn about the importance of data and how you can get started on your digital journey using Alteryx.

Many mid-size organizations understand the importance of gathering data and using it to make business decisions, but they don’t know where to get started or if they have the technical resources to do so. Thankfully, platforms like Alteryx can simplify your data with their usable and customizable interface.

Alteryx is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform that mid-size companies can use to gather critical data. Cloud data management also lets users scale services up or down as needed, so this keeps companies nimbler to ever-changing market needs.

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Matt Illuzzi, Director | Digital Advisory Services, Cherry Bekaert
Steve Mitchell | Global & Strategic Account Manager, Alteryx