Webinar Recording

Effective Risk Assessments for Virginia Internal Auditors

calendar iconMay 24, 2021

Explore effective risk assessment practices and methodologies aligned to Virginia state agencies and departments, counties and municipalities.

In this webinar, you will hear about conducting risk assessments that evaluate the organization from an enterprise and activity level so they can integrate existing ERM strategies and tactical risk management practices. You will also learn how to turn risk assessment results into annual audit planning activities to support audit scope and align with Commonwealth risk and internal control standards including ARMICS. We will also explore risk assessment technologies that modernize the approach, and discuss successful practices already in use across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Learning Objectives:

  • Model the full organization to ensure completeness of your audit universe
  • Define risk criteria aligned to your organization’s mission and risk posture
  • Implement an interactive, facilitated risk assessment process with your stakeholders
  • Link your risk assessment to your annual internal audit plan
  • Explore risk assessment technologies that modernize the process
  • Discuss successful risk assessment strategies already in use across VA agencies and departments, counties and municipalities