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Financing Capital Projects with the Use of New Markets Tax Credits

calendar iconJune 27, 2023

This course is designed to detail the New Markets Tax Credit program and how its unique design has helped non-profits, manufacturers, developers, and business owners gain access to a low-cost source of capital to solve a portion of their capital needs while creating significant community and economic impact in distressed areas. The course will help identify all areas of funding a capital project and the steps necessary to achieve success with the many nuances of the program.

Securing funding through the NMTC program is a highly competitive process. The course is designed to show the important steps and support needed throughout the lifecycle of the financing. That means taking the time to truly understand a project’s capital needs before engaging with CDEs and NMTC investors. This course will outline the identify and qualifying projects, what makes projects most ideal for investors and CDEs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding what New Markets Tax Credits can do to benefit organizations
  • Identifying a desirable, eligible project to be selected for NMTC financing
  • Understanding and gaining knowledge of all parties involved through the financing structure of an NMTC project
  • Funding process looks like and the steps involved

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