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From Idea to Delivery: Global Taxation and Transfer Pricing of Your Supply Chain After COVID-19

calendar iconJuly 1, 2020

Webinar transcript

A pandemic hits the world and companies operating across international borders face real challenges adapting to the “new normal.” Yesterday’s transfer pricing model and strategies for managing global taxes need a fresh approach. Leaders of our International Tax practice and Transfer Pricing team will present ideas to increase cash flow and manage the impact of changes to your supply chain.

  • Address 2020 intercompany pricing today and reduce “Estimated Tax Payments” and increase “Cash Flow” by avoiding cost plus arrangements when your company has excess capacity and labor components;
  • Use effective transfer pricing and tax planning to drive excess tax costs out of supply chain migrations, re-locations, expansions, etc. Do not incur $30 in additional tax expense for every $100 of supply chain cost savings.
  • Eliminate excess tax costs from domesticating your supply chain by taking advantage of U.S. export tax subsidies – IC DISC and FDII.
  • For supply chains that remain abroad, consider advantages of regional incentives such as Mexico’s IMMEX programs and Honduras Maquila type programs.