Webinar Recording

Understanding the Industry Landscape of New Markets Tax Credits

calendar iconMay 8, 2023

Learn the fundamentals of the New Markets Tax Credit incentive, including the background and context, roles of significant players, and typical transaction structures. With a focus on understanding the common and unique goals of Community Development Entities, course participants will leave understanding what type of project is ideal for NMTC. Course leaders each come from a different background in the NMTC industry, and their diverse perspectives offer additional insight into explaining the overall NMTC landscape. As part one in a four-part series, the fundamental topics discussed in this course will be vital to prepare participants for future courses.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the history and context of and introduction to New Markets Tax Credits
  • Understanding the structure and outlining participant roles in a New Markets Tax Credits transaction
  • Understanding how a project can be between technically catalytic versus practically catalytic
  • Understanding the common and unique goals of Community Development Entities

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