Importance of System Integration: Part 1

calendar iconMay 2, 2023

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By centralizing information, reducing silos and increasing visibility, system integrations significantly help improve operational efficiency. System integration is the process of connecting various systems, technologies and software applications to work together seamlessly as a single cohesive unit.

In this episode of Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Journeys podcast series, Jim Holman, Director and Strategy & Operations Leader, and Jon Schrader, Director and Business Applications Leader, will discuss the value of forming a software integration strategy.

Listen to this episode to:

  • Identify the significance of system integration by incorporating disparate software systems and platforms.
  • Learn about two different types of architecture approaches tailored to meet multiple functions, the best-of-suite and the best-of-breed application areas.
  • Discover key data strategies and roadmap to best fit your business needs while embedding business intelligence actionable visualizations in real time.
  • Uncover trustworthy data analytics and insights that allow organizations to identify areas for improvement and discover opportunities for growth.
  • Analyze agile growth strategies and necessary impacts to position yourself for your IT infrastructure.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this series, where we will further elaborate the key factors of system integration.

If you have any questions specific to your situation, Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory team is available to discuss your situation with you.

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