Digital Advisory Services for the Aviation Industry

calendar iconDecember 6, 2022
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Process Automation & Workflow

We conduct detailed discovery sessions to understand the current state of operations and identify opportunities to reduce excess cost, waste, time and rework. From this understanding, we create a desired “future state” of operations that enables scalable growth and accelerates the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Software & Platform Evaluation

Building on the discoveries from the Process Automation and Workflow Assessment, we work with the airport to determine a logical order in replacing legacy technology when the platform is incapable of attaining the future state of operations without significant costs or customizations. Functional areas commonly considered within an airport technology environment:

  • Core Financials
  • Airport Business Management
  • Airport Property & Revenue Management
  • Airport Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO)
  • Human Capital Management

Fiscal Period Close Optimization Assessment

We review and assess the airport’s fiscal quarter-end and year-end close processes to document the current activities and deliverables leading to the current close. We identify individual tasks that can be eliminated or automated with improved use of technology, deployment of new technology or “leveraged down” the airport’s accounting org chart. The goal is to assist the airport in implementing an improved close process that takes fewer person-hours, has a shorter calendar duration, uses more effective and collaborative technology and supports the airport’s goals in financial reporting and internal audit.

Solution Integrations

Airports use many disparate pieces of technology to run the business, however rarely do these pieces of technology communicate well with each other. We work with the airport and their technology providers to determine areas of opportunity in technology integration. The engagement’s end goal is to reduce manual entry, enable a “single source of the truth” data model, provide more real-time information to users and systems and enable comprehensive business intelligence deployment.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We enable better business decisions by creating a unified business intelligence strategy to identify high-value data elements across the airport’s current and future technology to drive the design and deployment of new Key Performance Indicators. Effective and timely data scorecards are created, and dashboards are updated based on real-time data pulled from the airport’s operational and financial systems of record.

IT Strategy, Managed Services & Cybersecurity

We assist airports’ senior leadership with aligning the IT strategic and tactical plans with the airport’s goals and objectives. We analyze the present IT skills compared to the skills required by the airport and provide guidance to deploy outsourced IT services as needed. We also provide a cyber assessment and improvement consulting on airport technology assets, both on-premise and cloud/hosted services.

CIO Advisory Services

Our CIO Advisory Services can ensure airports are current with emerging technologies and industry standards, and recommend the most appropriate, robust and cost-effective technology solutions. This includes hardware and software platforms, network infrastructure, communications frameworks, data centers and cloud services.

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