Healthcare “Micro Deals Experience” for Private Equity

calendar iconApril 20, 2023
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The rollup strategy is a common business model for healthcare services growth companies. At Cherry Bekaert we call these high volume, small practice acquisitions “Micro-deals.” The rollup strategy presents several unique challenges for platform companies in comparison to traditional acquisition models. First, most small add-on practices (targets) usually do not have sophisticated or professionalized financial functions. Second, the sheer volume of transactions a platform may be involved with at any given time can be very challenging to manage. Finally, for the target practice, this is likely the only deal the provider will experience in their careers. Communication in these situations requires a softer touch and more patience than is typically used in larger transactions.

We developed Cherry Bekaert’s Healthcare Micro-deals Experience to help you address each of these challenges. Our Micro-deals Experience is an integrated, dynamic framework that applies a full suite of services to provide you value and efficiency throughout the acquisition/integration process.

We studied the acquisition process from your perspective—identifying the challenges you face, not only in acquiring these small practices, but integrating them post close. Automating our routine diligence steps allows us to focus our healthcare industry expertise where it matters to you the most – on the issues. And by focusing on the entire acquisition process, we provide you with the necessary information to significantly reduce your efforts to integrate these practices post close.

Our Healthcare Micro-deals Experience is an industry knowledge-based, technology-driven process that streamlines your transaction experience from pre-LOI to post-close integration!

Cherry Bekaert’s Healthcare Micro-deals Experience

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