Risk Assurance & Advisory Services: Cybersecurity Protection Solutions

calendar iconApril 11, 2022
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Never has the protection of your company’s information and data been more important, and the threats against it more present. Cyber breaches not only affect your bottom line, but can impact harder to measure results, and perhaps more importantly, your reputation and brand.

It is estimated that roughly 50% of the middle market believes that IT security is so complex, they don’t even know where to start to improve their organization’s security posture. Cherry Bekaert’s API services can help determine a right-sized approach based on a number of factors including your line of business, industry, key stakeholders, compliance requirements and, of course, budget.

As a client of Cherry Bekaert’s Cyber Solutions, our professionals will work with you to be able to customize your organizations “API” plan:

  • Assess vulnerability and potential areas for cyber risk;
  • Protect your enterprise from attack and data breaches; and
  • Insure your business against cyber risks.

Risk Advisory Services: Cybersecurity Protection Solutions


Our Assessment phase takes you through a streamlined process of identifying your company’s applicable vulnerabilities and provides remediation plans to shore up your environment. Services in our Assessment phase include:

  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Due Diligence for Transactions


Once the Assessment phase has been completed, we protect your environment and look to identify not only security tools needed to monitor and prevent cyber-attacks, but also help pinpoint the appropriate internal controls needed to establish a security-conscious organization. Services in our Protect phase include:


Once risks have been identified and assessed, your security posture will be strengthened; this allows you to obtain the best liability coverage available. Through Cherry Bekaert Benefits Consulting, we work with trusted insurers to provide you with the right coverage. Our licensed advisors are here to help you find the best policy. Services in our Insure phase include: