Leveraging Enterprise Risk Management for Better Decision Making

January 18, 2022
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Leveraging Enterprise Risk Management for Better Decision Making

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to be prepared for uncertainties. Organizations that identify, assess, and address risks to their enterprise are better positioned to achieve their mission and objectives. Knowing which risks are most impactful to your organization, putting action plans in place, and evaluating key indicators before a risk turns into a reality, are cornerstones to running a resilient organization.

How We Can Help

We help organizations across all industries proactively identify, assess, and address financial and non-financial as well as internal and external risks. We are keenly aware that the success of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program must take into account an organization’s culture and existing risk management practices.

So rather than employing a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we develop customized ERM programs leveraging both the Committee of Sponsoring Organization (COSO) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 31000 Risk Management Frameworks to meet the unique needs and objectives of your organization.

Comprehensive Risk Management Services

ERM Program Design and Implementation

  • ERM Program Maturity or Gap Assessments
  • Governance and Culture Design or Assessment
  • ERM Training and Workshops for Board or Management
  • Risk Appetite Statement Facilitation
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Risk Aggregation, Prioritization, and Escalation
  • Risk Response Implementation
  • Risk Response Validation and Remediation
  • Risk Reporting & Monitoring
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk Integration

Risk Management Techniques

  • Scenario Analysis and Business Resiliency Workshops
  • Model and Non-model Program Design and Governance

Risk Assessments

  • Fraud Program Design, Implementation and Gap Assessments
  • Third-Party Risk Program Design, Implementation and Assessment
  • Business Continuity Resiliency Assessments

Technology and Data Enablement

  • Risk Analytics
  • Key Risk Indicator and Key Performance Indicator Dashboard Development
  • GRC Tool Implementation
  • Risk Management Process Automation
  • Management of Innovation and New Products & Services Program Design and Implementation