Sales & Use Tax: Technology Industry News | 2019 Q2

calendar iconJune 21, 2019

By: Lauren Stinson, Christopher Grimes, and Terrisha Pulte

Welcome to the first sales and use tax newsletter, focusing on issues impacting technology businesses. Each quarter, we will update you on the latest news and provide timely advice to help you manage your sales and use tax processes.

Alabama Court Ruling Opens Door for State to Tax All Software Purchases

The sales of custom as well as canned software is now subject to sales tax in Alabama. Find out why, and get tips to minimize your sales tax obligations that result from this new ruling.

Sales Tax Nexus Charts

These charts include the states with new sales tax nexus requirements, plus thresholds and effective dates. Download these complimentary charts now.

Sourcing is Key to Sales Tax Compliance for Technology Companies

Complying with the new economic nexus requirements enforced by states is especially complicated for technology companies because sales may be invoiced to a location in one state, but the products and services are used in another state, or multiple states. Which is the correct taxing jurisdiction? Our experts share their advice in this article.

What’s Your Strategic Plan to Manage Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Obligations?

Most states are enforcing economic nexus requirements. More states will begin enforcement by the end of 2019. The burden to comply with these new sales tax obligations weighs heavy on technology companies due to complicated sourcing issues.  That’s why a strategic plan is so important.  This article outlines key elements to include in your plan for tackling these new sales tax obligations.

How to Keep Sales Tax Compliance from Draining Your Resources

The most daunting task associated with economic nexus requirements is compliance. Many technology businesses do not have the staff or training to file multiple sales tax returns each year. Terrisha Pulte, CMI, our sales tax compliance expert, shares her tips to efficiently manage your sales tax obligations.

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