Contractor Business Systems Series: Part 1 – Applicability

calendar iconSeptember 20, 2022

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Join Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting Industry team for part one of a new podcast series discussing the six contractor business systems—Accounting, Estimating, Purchasing, Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS), Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS), and Property Management. The series will discuss Business Systems applicability, requirements and trends currently seen for Business Systems in solicitations.

In the first episode Susan Moser, Partner and Leader of Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting practice, and Roy Rushing, a Manager in the Firm’s GovCon practice and a former Contracting Officer with various federal agencies, discuss Business Systems applicability, including an overview of what the Business Systems are and background. Listen in to find out about:

  • An overview of the Business Systems
  • When contractors should be concerned about Business Systems
  • Which three systems are the most common and come into play first for contractors
  • When companies would encounter the other three systems
  • Small business applicability and the value of these requirements beyond meeting contractual requirements

Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting Industry advisors are well versed in business systems requirements and complex control environments. We guide contractors in developing and maintaining compliant business systems, perform systems assessments, provide audit support, and prepare contractors for audits or reviews by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) or other cognizant agencies.

If you have any questions specific to your situation, Cherry Bekaert’s GovCon Consultants are available to discuss your situation with you. Contact us

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