Maximize Your ROI by Migrating From Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint: Part 3

calendar iconJuly 31, 2023

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It can be quite costly to retain legacy Lotus Notes applications when you’re adopting new Microsoft technologies, or any other solutions. Migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint can offer valuable benefits and maximize your organization’s return on investment (ROI).

In this third episode of Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Journeys podcast series on migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, Trace Armstrong, Senior Manager in our Digital Advisory practice, reconvenes with Erin Robinson, Senior Architect in our Microsoft team. Together they highlight the key considerations and actions to help your organization during your Lotus Notes to SharePoint transition, either online or on-premises.

Listen to this episode to:

  • Realize the multitude of benefits across the organization, end users and customers.
  • Discover how SharePoint streamlines workflows and empowers increased collaboration.
  • Improve user adoption, satisfaction and productivity, while reducing IT costs.
  • Learn of extensible features and compatibility options with third-party security tools.
  • Identify suggestions to prepare and setup your SharePoint framework, while reducing risks of loss data with a high-level migration assessment and analysis.

If you have any questions specific to your situation, Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory team is available to discuss your situation with you. Contact us today!

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