Tax Beat: Digital Transformation and R&D Tax Credits

calendar iconSeptember 28, 2021

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Claim R&D Tax Credits to Help Fund Digital Transformation

 What if companies could fund part of their digital transformation with federal and state tax credits for increasing Research and Development activities?  In this session, Brooks and Sarah and their guests take a closer look at the intersection of digital transformation and R&D tax creditsNita Sanger, Director with Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory Services talks about her work helping companies changing their current business practices and tools to 21st century data and technology. Daniel Mennel, Tax Partner with the Firm’s Credits & Accounting Methods Services, discusses his work assisting companies to identify and maximize opportunities for R&D tax credits.

 Chapter Markers:

  • 3:45 Defining Digital Transformation
  • 7:19 Principles of R&D tax credits
  • 14:30 A typical project for CB Digital
  • 18:06 Opportunities for R&D tax credits
  • 25:21 Closing remarks

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