Digital Transformation Services: Fractional CIO Services

calendar iconDecember 3, 2021
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In a rapidly evolving, complex and uncertain marketplace, businesses look for innovative ways to continue to meet changing customer needs and manage profitable revenue growth.

The current market conditions provide mid-tier organizations a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to take strategic risks, grow revenues and gain market share. Through digital enablement, these organizations can nimbly meet evolving customer needs, expand their go-to-market footprint and compete more effectively with some of their larger, less agile contenders.

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory provides strategic and tactical support to businesses, positioning them for long-term growth. In addition, we improve performance by transforming business models – leveraging technology and data as core to their competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation Journey

A critical step in the digital transformation journey is to enlist an experienced technology strategist to lead you through this effort. Our CIO Advisory Services can ensure your organization is current with emerging technologies and industry standards. We recommend the most appropriate, robust and cost-effective technology solutions, including hardware and software platforms, network infrastructure, communications frameworks, data centers and cloud services.

Digital Advisory Services Digital Transformation Journey

CIO Advisory Services

Areas of Focus

The CIO Advisory Services offering focuses on the following key components of the business:

  • Technology Assets – What technology assets are currently supporting your business? How do they interact? How are they deployed? Are they designed to achieve maximum return on investment?
  • Business Challenges – What can be addressed via automation and information technology?
  • Technology Strategy – What strategies need to be implemented to solve business problems and increase productivity of your people and processes while maximizing your profitability?


The CIO Advisory Services offering provides leadership with:

  • A strategic plan, aligned with executive management and relevant departments, defining how to best leverage information technology and automation for maximum productivity, profitability and ROI.
  • A prioritized IT roadmap that stages all planned IT investments and improvements (including the financial requirements) across an agreed-upon time horizon, usually 3-5 years.
  • An actionable IT plan with defined digital toolsets to:
    • Define IT systems capacity planning
    • Identify business process enablement, acceleration and optimization
    • Provide flexibility and scalability through software-defined networks
    • Apply intelligent automation to execute repeatable processes
    • Apply business intelligence through proactive, intuitive information access, delivery and presentation (including predictive data analytics)
    • Implement technology modernization and standardization


By hiring a CIO, organizations can:

  • Enable all stakeholders to make better, faster business decisions faster.
  • Improve the ability to identify, manage and control costs.
  • Increase productivity of both people and processes.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Create a competitive edge against rivals in the market.
  • Enable the organization to grow without corresponding increases in headcount and overhead.
  • Maximize profitability.

The Digital Difference

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory helps organizations ignite growth by quickly assessing, transforming and sustaining business strategies based upon priorities, strategic plans and budget. Utilizing an agile and flexible approach, we help you reengineer your business operations and services, examining each area with a focus on people, process, technology and culture.