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NMTC Case Study for Legacy Charter School

calendar iconJanuary 15, 2021


Non-profit Legacy Charter School, a public K-12 charter school located in Greenville’s Sterling community, is constructing and renovating over 210,000 sq. ft. of school facilities to include the school’s first formal library, a renovated kitchen, new classrooms, a new gymnasium and handicap accessibility for the property. With total project costs of $26.9 million, The Innovate Fund provided $13.7 million of Qualified Low Income Community Investments (QLICIs) to be used for new construction.

Established in 2010, Legacy Charter has 1,200 students, of which 94% are minority and 100% participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Legacy’s founder William Brown states that the school “began from the notion that all students deserve the chance to receive a world class education, one where they are taught how to lead a healthy life.” As such, Legacy Charter is the only school in South Carolina to implement a Wellness Policy that includes: 60 minutes of physical activity per day, including 45 minutes of physical education; school breakfast, lunch and dinner program, including no fried foods, junk foods or sodas on campus; six-week summer food service program; and safe routes to school program. These activities were implemented to combat the fact that, nationally, 65% of students do not participate in physical activity and only 2% of children eat a healthy USDA diet.

Community Outcomes

The Innovate Fund’s investment will expand the student body from 1,200 students to 1,430 students. This is critical in a neighborhood that at closing was ranked as the 8th most dangerous in the U.S. (Neighborhood Scout). It will also support 323 direct jobs, with permanent jobs paying a wage 328% higher than the LIC’s per capita income of $5.73 per hour. Permanent jobs will also come with the following employment benefits: enrollment in the SC Retirement System; eligibility to participate in the State of South Carolina Employee Healthcare System; up to $17,500 of Teacher Loan Forgiveness; and up to $6,500 in performance pay through the Teacher Advancement Program.

“Changing the trajectory for underserved kids won’t be simple or fast, and it will take a coordinated community effort like the funding from The Innovate Fund. The opportunity to build our school’s first library is tremendous, not only for our students but the entire neighborhood.”
William W. Brown, Founder & Chairman, Legacy Charter School

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March 2016



Campbell Young Leaders



Greenville New Markets
Opportunity II, LLC (GNMO II)



Capital One, N.A.



The Robert S. Campbell Foundation
Capital One, N.A.



1613 W. Washington Street,
900 Woodside Avenue,
521 E. Bramlett Road,
Greenville, SC






210,445 Square Feet
159 Direct Jobs
113 Indirect/Induced Jobs
90 Direct Construction Jobs
79 Indirect Construction Jobs 1,430 Student Capacity



Poverty Rate: 50.5%
Median Family Income: 36.06%Unemployment Rate: 22.1%Unemployment Ratio: 2.8x
State Enterprise Zone
ARC Distressed Area
HFFI Food Desert