Contract Performance After the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program

calendar iconSeptember 12, 2022

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As companies prepare for graduation from the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) program, there are many important considerations and decisions to be made. The key to successfully graduate and thrive is to plan well in advance.

Listen to Susan Moser, Partner and Leader of Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting practice, John Ure, a Tax Partner and member of the Firm’s GovCon practice, and Brendan Halloran, a Senior Manager in the Firm’s GovCon practice and former Divisional Administration Contracting Officer (ACO) with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), discuss what an 8(a) company needs to know and focus on as it prepares for graduation from the 8(a) Business Development Program.

We will discuss:

  • Why for some contractors focusing on staying a small business is a good thing
  • If your path is to stay small, what to be aware of and to focus on for more success
  • Considerations and planning for growth to meet requirements as a large business
  • New SBA rule to help small businesses meet past performance requirements

If you have any questions specific to your situation, Cherry Bekaert’s GovCon Consultants are available to discuss your situation with you. Contact us

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