SBA Mentor-Protégé & Joint Venture Arrangements – Important Elements of the Agreement

calendar iconJanuary 28, 2022

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Listen to Brynn McNeil, an Assurance Partner in Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting Industry practice and Eric Poppe, a Senior Manager in the Firm’s GovCon practice, discuss the important elements of an agreement when forming a Mentor-Protégé/Joint Venture arrangement.

They discuss:

  • Benefits of the Mentor-Protégé Program
  • Basic principles to consider in Agreements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Other considerations

In our previous podcast on the SBA Mentor Protégé program, we gave an overview of the program, discussed some of the goals and benefits from participating in this program, as well as eligibility to participate both from the mentor and the protégé perspectives.

We will continue to do future podcasts on this topic, highlighting the annual evaluations that need to be performed, compliance issues, including limitations on subcontracting, accounting and financial reporting, and pricing considerations.

Our Government Contractor Services group has an in-depth understanding of the 8(a) program and advises a number of 8(a) government contractors through each step of the process to add value and anticipate ongoing opportunities. From the initial important decisions made in becoming an 8(a), to the first contract, to how the company is growing throughout the life of the program.

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