Tax Beat: Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Guidance

calendar iconMay 18, 2021

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The employee retention credit (“ERC”) can be a rewarding incentive for employers who continue paying employees while their businesses and not-for-profit organizations are disrupted by mandates or diminished by lost revenues. Martin Karamon, the leader of the Firm’s ERC team and Robby Burgen, a manager in the Firm’s Credits and Incentives practice answer practical questions about the ERC. Brooks and Sarah ask questions raised by attendees from a recent webinar as well as questions we hear most often from our clients. The team will highlight the best ways for employers to monetize the credit and share experiences working with companies, payroll providers, and the IRS.

The conversation includes:

  •    1:38     Overview of the Employee Retention Credit
  •    7:07     Monetizing the credit
  •    12:29   Qualifying for ERC:  gross receipts test
  •    17:14   Qualifying for ERC:  government mandates
  •    21:49   Working with employers and payroll providers
  •    28:52   Coordinating with PPP Loan forgiveness

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