Retail and Restaurant Accounting Services

calendar iconApril 8, 2022
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When Your Plate is Full, Our Retail and Restaurant Accounting
Services Can Help

Retail and restaurant companies are under constant pressure to improve profitability, increase sales, control costs and improve efficiency. Cherry Bekaert’s Retail and Restaurant Group provides innovative ways to minimize your tax burden and optimize your compliance efforts so you have more money and time to invest in your business. To help keep your operations lean and efficient, our retail and restaurant accounting professionals can also provide extensive planning and consulting services.

Drawing on a depth of past and current retail and restaurant accounting experience serving some of the nation’s largest chains, our team delivers the innovative business and tax solutions our clients need to stay ahead of new developments. From family-owned operations, regional and national franchisees to large, publicly-held corporations, each engagement is tailored to fit our client’s growth objectives.

Service offerings to this client sector include: