ERP Failure Definition & Predictors Podcast – Part One

calendar iconJune 26, 2024

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software incorporates the majority of ongoing business management systems, making its implementation a necessity in today’s digital evolution. To stay competitive and pertinent in the rapidly evolving global economic landscape, the deployment of an ERP system with innovative technologies is inevitable.

In this episode of Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Journeys podcast series, join Dan Mitzenmacher, Managing Director of Digital Advisory, and Jim Holman, Director and Strategy & Operations Leader, as they explore some of the most common ERP deployment failures.

In this episode, Dan and Jim:

  • Define what constitutes a failure in ERP implementation and the primary signs that an ERP project is on the path to failure.
  • Examine several common reasons behind ERP project failures and how to address them so you can increase your chances of a successful implementation.

Keep an eye out for parts two and three of this series, where we’ll delve further into optimizing ERP strategy, securing stakeholder support and managing change. We’ll also tackle the integration and customization of current non-ERP systems within the ERP system. Furthermore, we’ll discuss risk evaluation and the development of a mitigation strategy and share a client use case that we successfully executed.

If your company’s ERP project is facing difficulties, Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory team can offer guidance and direction on ERP rescue and recovery. Our professionals have effectively turned around numerous faltering ERP implementations. Contact our Digital Advisory team today.

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