Three State and Local Tax Issues Tech Companies Need to Address Now

calendar iconDecember 12, 2022

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As every state has its own rules surrounding tax structure and income sourcing, it is imperative to your company to consider the nuances of state tax reporting. To address these complexities and much more, we continue our podcast series dedicated to technology companies by discussing three main issues that continually arise for the sector when it comes to state and local tax (SALT).

Rob Schwarzmann, Tax Partner, hosts Cathie StantonSALT Leader, and Tony Konkol, SALT Manager, as they highlight key areas of focus that should be on every CFO’s mind: Nexus, Revenue Sourcing and Pass-Through Entity Elections (PTEs).

The conversation includes:

  •  Nexus & State-Specific Standards
  •  Revenue Sourcing
  •  Early or Growth Stage Companies in Losses
  •  PTE Elections
  •  Private Equity Considerations
  •  State Legislation & Statutes
  •  PTE Election Takeaways

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