Should Your Tech Company Work with the Government?

calendar iconNovember 30, 2021

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Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast  Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast  Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast

As a tech innovator, you are focused on continually finding ways to meet the needs and improve the experience of your end user, whether your core customer base is consumers or business entities. But have you considered the world’s largest customer – the U.S. federal government?

In this first episode of a series of podcasts exploring options for tech companies to work with the federal government, Michael Valerio, Cherry Bekaert’s Technology Industry Practice Leader, and Craig Hunter, a leader in the Firm’s Government Contractors practice, discuss how or even why tech companies may want to consider this option.

They cover:

  • Different levels of procurement for selling goods and services
  • Small businesses advantages when searching for government contracts
  • How to get support from the government to foster innovation
  • Differences between various contracting arrangements

In future segments, we will dive into the topics of capturing federal business for your tech company as well as what we’re seeing the government purchase.

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