HITRUST CSF Certification & Compliance Services

calendar iconJanuary 9, 2022
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As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for more robust protection of electronic personal health information (ePHI). Healthcare providers relying more and more on evolving technologies to store and transmit their data are demanding more evident compliance from their vendors. The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a comprehensive and certifiable security framework used by healthcare organizations and their business associates to efficiently approach regulatory compliance and risk management. The HITRUST CSF is the most widely-adopted security framework in the U.S. healthcare industry and combines highly-recognized standards and regulatory requirements such as NIST, HIPAA, ISO, FTC, COBIT, and PCI to tailor compliance based on the type, size and complexity of an organization. In addition, it can be completed in conjunction with a SOC 2 audit.

As a qualified HITRUST assessor firm, Cherry Bekaert helps covered entities and business associates organizations handling ePHI to navigate the complexities of achieving compliance with the HITRUST CSF.

Services include:

  • Scoping
  • Readiness Assessment/Gap Analysis
  • Validation
  • Certification

Benefits of obtaining a HITRUST certification include:

► Satisfying the requirement by a covered entity that your business associates are HITRUST CSF certified.
► Demonstrating HIPAA compliance to protect customer data.
► Establishing a security framework that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements.
► Combining with a SOC 2 to provide assurance to key stakeholders regarding the overall security posture of your environment.
► Demonstrating a competitive advantage signifying that your company has implemented the necessary controls to safeguard ePHI and mitigate the risk of this sensitive data being compromised.