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Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

calendar iconApril 4, 2023

Cherry Bekaert is accelerating new product development and global delivery scale for an innovative software-based energy grid controls company: PXiSE Energy Solutions – A Yokogawa Company.

PXiSE, a San Diego-based company, enables utilities, campuses and communities to hit their clean energy goals by giving grid operators the control they need to manage unlimited renewables and distributed energy resources (DER) while still providing safe and reliable power.

Development of PXiSE’s DER Management and Communication Platform

PXiSE partnered with Cherry Bekaert on the end-to-end design and re-platforming build of its IEEE 2030.5 DER management and communication platform. This product will enable utilities to effectively manage DERs for their customers.

We’re pleased with Cherry Bekaert’s product development work turning our 2030.5 server into a cloud-native application. This has paved the way for our strategic partnership to bring the cloud-native software to market and drive the digital transformation of the grid. – Tim Allen, PXiSE President and CEO

Key Benefits of the PXiSE DER Management and Communication Platform

This DER management and communication platform will provide:

  • Ability to Register, Monitor and Organize Customer DER, Including Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics, and Scheduling of Dispatch
  • Enablement of Future Planning and Optimization of the Entire Grid
  • Accessibility to Manage Geographically Dispersed Customer DERs Through a Web Browser

The Cherry Bekaert and PXiSE Approach

  • Quick Deployment – From Pilots to Full Production
  • Simplified for DER Visibility to Management
  • Strategic Starting Point – For a Stepwise Progression to the PXiSE Distributed Energy Resource Management System
  • Access to Expertise – From Grid Management to Enterprise IT Integrations and Analytics

Cherry Bekaert Capabilities Utilized in Services for PXiSE

Product Development

  • Application Architecture and Design, Database Design, User Experience and Interface Design
  • Application Development (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS) and Testing, API Design and Development
  • Marketplace Launch Support (Offerings Setup, Licensure, Deployment-Support Dependencies)
  • Go to Market Support

Customer Implementations

  • Environment Configurations, Pilot Design, DER Device Registration and Certification Support, System and Groups Configurations
  • User Setup and Training, Benefits Realization Management, Organizational Change Management
  • Systems and Data Integrations, Custom Dashboards and Reports, Portal/Mobile App Development
  • Environment Managed Services, Cybersecurity Assurance
  • Master Data Management Strategy and Governance Playbook

Successful Partnership Leads to Global Implementation Scale

While PXiSE’s solutions for grid intelligence are straightforward to deploy and use, implementation services are oftentimes needed to help customers deploy the solutions quickly and in a manner that helps maximize their return on investment. Cherry Bekaert has transitioned from being a trusted product development partner to acting as an alliance partner for offering implementation services – for customers both in the United States via Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory services line, and globally via select Allinial Global member firms. Cherry Bekaert is a member of Allinial Global, an award-winning association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms whose members collaborate to bring their clients best-in-class solutions.

Key Milestones from Product Development to Implementation Alliance

The diagram below summarizes how Cherry Bekaert and PXiSE have worked together on driving digital transformation within the energy sector.

Guiding Your Business Through Digital Transformation and Growth

If you are seeking transactional support with business strategy, product development, systems integration and analytics, or strategically aligning for business model evolution and joint go-to- market, Cherry Bekaert has the capabilities needed to help ensure your successful digital transformation.

Key Business Impacts

The key outcomes of our trusted advisory relationship with PXiSE include:

  • Scaled Product Development Team
  • Upskilled Product Team
  • Improved Customer Support Readiness for Product Launch
  • Enabled Global Delivery Scale

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